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So, you have been working from home and think about enhancing your skill?

What better than taking master classes?

But I’m sure you are confused which one will really benefit you or actually is good enough! I am sure, you must have gone across many MasterClasses and class owners online that may have confused you about which one to choose.

It is natural to get confused because of the many online options, which all look good. I have a solution for you.

On this website, I have reviews of various MasterClasses that you must look into before actually paying for one and to take what is worth your money and especially time.

Every day, the use of the internet is increasing. Every day, thousands of people are moving towards online education. The COVID pandemic has worked as a catalyst in promoting online classes.

Lower data costs are one reason people have started using the internet a lot. Since the data costs are affordable now, even people from lower-middle-class families have started using the internet regularly.

Additionally, the COVID pandemic has made online education a necessity. Online learning is no longer just an option, but it is the only option so far.

As soon as the pandemic hit, schools, coaching centers, institutes, colleges, and universities shut down. Learning did take a bit of extra vacation, but it did not stop. And the reason was that society turned to the best option they had, i.e., online learning.

Today, on the internet, you will find many more online courses than before the COVID pandemic started.  Just as the demand for general online learning increased, the importance of MasterClasses has also increased drastically.

The need for these classes has increased, and now you have hundreds of great options to choose from.

However, you will also find many to be fake and deliver low-quality stuff, which you should avoid spending your time and money on. This website will help you avoid getting scammed from such masterclass platforms.

About the Website – Build Me Cash Blog

On my website here, you will get everything regarding MasterClasses.

Here I write articles on all major MasterClasses available in the market, and I update them regularly for tens that are being uploaded every day on various internet sources.

Let me tell you what exactly is the purpose of this website, and for this, I will have to back you up a little about me. There was a time when I wanted to learn a lot of stuff.

This included acting, jazz, country music, most importantly chess, and many more. However, I couldn’t join classes for all these. So I decided to look online, and I found out many MasterClasses regarding chess.

I did profound research on these MasterClasses and found the perfect one for me. It was extremely costly, but I still decided to go for it. I saved for it for a few months, and I applied for you.

It was a 3-month course, and the first 3 days went well. However, after that, I realized the videos became shorter and shorter. They promised to provide me with 25 complete chapters, but the last 17 chapters were half the time than others and felt incomplete.

This made me realize that I was scammed even after that thorough research and paying so much money. They said they would provide the certificate of completion for free.

I expected it to be a signed and stamped hard copy, but it was just a soft copy with no true stamp. When asked for a hard copy of the certificate with signs and stamps, they asked me for almost half the money as the classes said postal and copy charges, which was too high.

I couldn’t do anything and felt terrible. Today, the money I spent on those classes is nothing for me, but back then, it was my 2 months whole income I earned by working as a waiter at a restaurant.

As soon as I completed my B. Tech in software engineering, I started working on this website. The sole purpose of this website is to avoid getting scammed by people like those.

MasterClasses can sometimes be very costly for some people.

That is why, on this website, I have included everything you should know regarding MasterClasses. On this website, you will find reviews of various MasterClasses to make an informed decision, whether to go for these classes or not.

About the Author – Evie Krieger

Evie Krieger is the author of Build Me Cash Blog, writing on this website for the past 3 years. Apart from this website, she has a B.Tech degree in software engineering, and he works with a private firm.

She also spends a lot of his time playing chess and learning new tricks. She highly enjoys music and has a great voice. She also takes out a little time to play the guitar.