Misty Copeland Masterclass Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

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Misty Copeland is the first African American ballet dancer with American Ballet Theatre. Now she's being counted as one of the finest ballet dancers in the world. To give her insights about dancing and ballet, she has created this masterclass. If you're interested in ballet and want to become an amazing dancer then you should enroll in Misty Copeland Masterclass

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In this post, I have done an In-depth & Trustworthy Misty Copeland Ballet Technique and Artistry Masterclass Review about Ballet Technique and Artistry by Misty Copeland & whether it is worth it for you or not let’s find out.

Bottom Line Upfront: Misty Copeland is the first African American ballet dancer with American Ballet Theatre. Now she’s being counted as one of the finest ballet dancers in the world. To give her insights about dancing and ballet, she has created this masterclass. If you’re interested in ballet and want to become an amazing dancer then you should enroll in Misty Copeland Masterclass. Try Out Misty Copeland Masterclass Now.

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review 2021

About Misty Copeland Masterclass

Ballet dancers all around the world regard Misty Copeland as the goddess of ballet in modern times.

Misty is the world’s most recognizable ballerina according to Forbes magazine.

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review

Misty performs for the American ballet theatre which is the leading theatre company in the USA.

She quickly rose to fame after becoming the first African American woman to become the principal dancer for the theatre for the first time in its 75 year history.

The ballet world surely revolves around this magical ballerina.

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review-Star Rating

Misty Copeland Masterclass Course

This masterclass is an absolute gem for anyone who wants an inside look at the life of a ballet dancer.

Whether you are a beginner dancer or just a curious person exploring dance forms, this masterclass will serve you right.

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review- Course

Exceptional professional dancers can take away key points and grasp different perspectives from this masterclass. All in all, this masterclass is suitable for all dancers no matter what level they are at.

Misty Copeland Masterclass:  Course Overview

Section – 1

Session -1

As we begin this journey, we are introduced to the first session of this masterclass based on bridging technique and artistry.

In this first session, Misty Copeland describes her transformation through tough times and how she adapted and improvised her technique based on the criticism she received.

She believes that it is important for any artist to take good criticism and grasp on to the betterment of his skill set.

Misty compares the changes she made in the past years to her core technique when she started ballet.


Session -2

The next session has a misty talk about how determination is a key skill to perfect every move.

The amount of effort and hard work you do inside the studio will directly affect your performance on stage.

Misty Copeland motivates us to see dance as an art form to tell stories.

Once you incorporate the whole vibe of telling a story or portraying an event in motion into your dance routine, it becomes twice as effective.

I was personally inspired by how much passion misty has towards perfecting her craft. She still thinks she still has a lot to learn.

Session -3

Moving towards the session, misty Copeland talks about the technique behind creating powerful performances on stage.

Misty states that once you get up on the stage it is all about the connection you form with the audience.

You need to embrace the moment and live in it.

She also advises the audience that one should always portray the roles with complete honesty and dedication.

And for doing that, dancers need to go an extra mile and put in the hard work in the dance studio

Session -4

The last segment of this session describes how misty prepares her pointe shoes, which is nothing less than a suit of armor to her.

I was amazed to know that ballet dancers have different kinds of shoes for different performances.

This session also has a part where misty shows us her solo from the swan lake.

It is mesmerizing to watch her, as she performs every move flawlessly.

You can easily see the hours she has put in to move effortlessly all around the dance floor.

Section -2

Session -1

The second section of this masterclass is very informative.

In the first session of this section, you will get to learn about the proper barre technique for plies and tendus.

With step-by-step progression, misty shows us stationery exercises that will help you build muscle around your legs so that you are able to do stretches and jumps easily.


Such exercises actually define the core of the performance and should be performed until perfected.

The videography of this session is commendable as I could easily see the body movements related to each step.

Session -2

I was always in awe of the ballet dancers and wondered how did they perform such complex moves with such ease?

In this next session Misty breaks down bigger move into smaller steps and helps us with the proceedings.

She implies that once you learn the little movements carefully you will be doing those complex moves in no time.

By the end of the session, I learned how to stay balanced while shifting the bodyweight in different directions. How exciting!

After watching this detailed session on temps lie, everything else in life feels so simple.

Session -3

On to the next session. Here misty explains to you guys some advanced moves to practice.

She also breaks down one of the classic moves of all time: ronds de jambe.

These moves can be included in your choreography and play a key role in transitions.

It is so exciting to watch Misty Copeland breakdown her own thought process as she practices these moves.

Repeatedly training your body to such complex moves would surely result in groundbreaking progress over time.

Section -3

Session -1

Alright guys, here we are on the third section of this amazing masterclass.

Here you will learn the art of partnering up and collaborating with other choreographers.

Misty teams up with her dance partner Calvin royal III, as they perform white swan pas de duex.


Misty explains that it is important that you understand what role your partner plays in the routine and how you adapt to it.

One key point given by misty was that you should not be seen overpowering your partner in the performance.

Hence, you should be clear and understanding of your partner’s role and movements through the routine and complement them with your own.

Session -2

As we proceed to the next session, here Misty Copeland describes our approach as she breaks down her routine with Calvin royal.

She explains how she improvises to any errors that might have occurred while performing a move.

It is so nice to see that both misty and Calvin are very understanding of each other.

Misty makes few remarks here and there and Calvin is very quick to grasp them.

He also gives her his own opinion about certain dance steps and how they can go about it.

Session -3 

Traditional ballet has changed a lot.

This next session is proof of that.

Here misty introduces us to a contemporary dance choreographer, kyle Abraham.

She then goes on to practice her dance routine with him.

Kyle gives us an insight into how misty is able to mix and match contemporary dance move with ballet moves to create an interesting fusion.

As misty perform some steps, kyle watches eagerly and gives his input wherever it is required.

I was so spellbound seeing these two great artists at work.

Session -4

The session of this section is a choreography workshop where both misty and kyle perform and rehearse together.

Kyle already has a vision towards this performance and explains how it is important to actually visualize where the performance is going to go.

He takes the lead and helps incorporate various steps into misty’s routine.

Misty is able to grasp all such moves with ease and it is a really fun session to watch.

Session -5

The lasts session of this section has misty talk about the different kinds of choreographers she has the opportunity to work with.

She has worked with choreographers like Debbie Allen, Alexei Ratmansky and so many more.

She believes that every choreographer brings a new vibe to the routine and enhances the performance to a whole new level.

It is up to the dancer, as to how he perceives the vision of the choreographer and the amount of guidance he/she can grasp off of the person.

It still remains important that the dancers share a good sense of understanding amongst them and do not force each other into taking bold decisions.

Section -4

Session -1

All is well if it ends well, so here we have the last section of this wonderful masterclass.

The last section is so motivating. The first segment deals with misty describing her work experience with the prince.

She says that initially, she was very scared working with the icon of the pop industry.

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review-Session2

But in the end, she thanks herself for going out of her comfort zone and grabbing the opportunity as it presented itself.

She encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and explore different work genres. 

Session -2

The second session is all about mentorship.

A good mentor can make or break your career as an artist.

Misty says she was lucky to have been mentored by her mentor. She remembers how her mentor, the first African American woman in the dance industry help her grow as a person as well as a dancer.

Calvin royal tells us his experience of being mentored by misty.

Session -3

Ugh, why did this masterclass reach its last section so soon?

The last section of this masterclass deals with misty talking about diversity in modern ballet.

For a long time, people have formed their thoughts on what a perfect ballerina or a ballet dancer should look like.

Misty says that we should talk more about the diversity and the lack of equality that exists in the industry.

She encourages us to participate more and hopes that the industry would be more inclusive than it is now.

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review-Technique

Alright, guys, this masterclass is a boon for any budding ballet dancer.

But not to worry if you are not a huge fan of ballet.

Any dance lover is bound to learn and grasp knowledge and key points from this highly informative masterclass.

If you are looking to take your ballet game to the next level or exploring new dance genres, this masterclass is for you.

Misty Copeland Masterclass Pros & Cons


  • Highly informative dance sessions
  • Dancer tips throughout the rehearsal 
  • Great emphasis on the choreography element rather than focusing just on the moves.


  • A detailed course so some of you find the masterclass bit lengthy

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review Testimonials

Misty Copeland Masterclass Review- Testimonials


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Conclusion: Misty Copeland Masterclass Review 2021

Personally, this video was one of the best I have watched in recent times.

It’s really harsh how ballet dancers don’t get the respect that they deserve.

It is considered a secondary dance form in the world driven by hip hop and group dancers.

This masterclass was an eye-opening experience for me.

The amount of hard work and dedication shown by misty to get to the level she now remains unparalleled

So, I hope you guys like the review and it serves your purpose well.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

Also, I highly recommend Ballet Technique and Artistry Masterclass course by Misty Copeland and if you wish to pursue this please go ahead without a second thought.

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